Touchfit: Georges St-Pierre

Strong. Balanced. High-performance body

Achieve radical improvements in performance and the body
of an elite athlete with Touchfit: Georges St-Pierre

500+ Video Exercises

Master your strength, explosive power, endurance and
flexibility. Touchfit follows the principles of gymnastics
and High Intensity Interval Training that have helped
GSP become a world champion.

Everything Measured

Train to your personal Touchfit Velocity and Recovery.
See your progress measured in real-time. Stay
motivated, stay challenged.

Smart Fitness

Training is never one-size-fits-all. Touchfit learns and
evolves after every exercise, offering a near-infinite
number of workouts tailored just for you.


Dedication × performance. The higher your
Velocity and Upper / Lower / Core performance,
the faster your score tallies.


Track your ability over time. As your performance
increases, so does exercise difficulty. Training
plateaus are a thing of the past.


Learn the fitness and nutrition principles of Touchfit from
GSP’s gymnastics trainer Patrick Beauchamp and
nutrition coach Dr John Berardi.

Multiple Users

Train with a buddy and create multiple users on
one device. Connect with Facebook to store your
data in the cloud.

  1. Sets the bar for fitness apps. Have tired of Insanity and P90X and this looks like it’s going to take my training to the next level.
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    Absolutely brilliant app I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get fit or lose weight!
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  2. I have downloaded other fitness apps before, but this one is the best I've used so far!
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    This is THE best home workout app. 500 exercises makes it stand out and who doesn't love GSP! Simple to use and a stylish layout.
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  3. I got this app to save money rather than going to the gym. I got bored of lifting weights with the same old routine to get big.
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    Been using this app for a week now and I'm feeling fitter already!
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“I have created a Touchfit name and now want to link it to a Facebook account. How do I do this and will I lose my data?”

You can tap on More > Settings > Manage Account at any time and select 'Link to Facebook'. This will take you through the Facebook sign in process and link your existing Touchfit data to the Facebook account.

If you link to a Facebook account that already holds data then the app will combine this old data with your current data and recalculate your Velocity, Recovery and High Score.

“Every time I try to open the app it gets stuck loading.”

If your app gets stuck loading, uninstall it, restart your device, and then reinstall the app again. As long as the app is set up via a Facebook account then do not worry about losing any workout data or your scores - these will sync with the server when you sign back in.

“The videos won’t play.”

If your videos will not play or are slow, check that you have a good WiFi/3G connection, then try to view the video again. Once viewed once the videos are cached locally to save you having to download them again. The first time you watch each video it may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet connection.

“I’ve changed devices, how do I access my Velocity, training history and high score?”

By signing in with a Facebook account your data is backed up on the cloud. If you sign in with the same account then the app will sync with the server and will recalculate your high score.

“I have started installing the App and it seems to have stalled?”

Restarting your device and starting the installation again can help to jump start the download. Alternatively, you can sign into the App Store through iTunes on your computer and download the app from there..

“Where are all the images, they’re all blank?”

Touchfit: Georges St-Pierre uses streaming on-demand for images. You will need a WiFi or 3G connection in order to view the images.

“Can I use the app when I switch to Android?”

No. Unfortunately, Touchfit Georges St-Pierre is not available for Android devices.